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Winchester (2018)

Winchester (2018) In the center of the plot of the film "Winchester. The house that built the ghosts "is Sarah, a woman who inherited an impressive seven-story building with a huge number of rooms. Being a widow and incredibly rich heiress, she does not deny herself anything. It is for this reason that Sarah lives in a house whose architecture, as it seems to many specialists, does not lend itself to any logical explanations. The corridors in the building are similar to ancient labyrinths.

On the direct request of the inconsolable widow, the building is constantly being altered and rebuilt. Every day new walls are erected here. But she does not build it for herself and not for her young niece or an experienced doctor, Price, who came to the mansion at her personal invitation. He has to find out that Sarah connects the tragic fate of her family with the project of her father-in-law. She believes that all people who died from the results of his labors have put a curse on her family. This is one of the reasons for the constant restructuring of the building. Sarah creates a trap for the vengeful ghosts, which, she states Price, want to kill her and her family.

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Winchester (2018)

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Winchester (2018)

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