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Action Point (2018)

Action Point (2018) In the center of comedy, "Action Point" is a very foolish guy who loves adventure. He prefers to have fun with his friends and live his life with new emotions. But at one point, the protagonist understands that all old hobbies are no longer pleased. He has to come up with something new to be amazed not only for him but for all his acquaintances. Seeming to think of the idea, he soon comes to the conclusion that he has to create a theme park of attractions.

The main character addresses his friends and decides to support his idea. And, although many of them think that the idea of an incredibly extravagant, they are committed to creating a theme park, because immediately after its opening it can make the most of it. And if you are lucky, the end result will become known all over the world. Boys start building, but the project is more complicated than they imagined.


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Action Point (2018)

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Action Point (2018)

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