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Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018) Scientists around the world are constantly working on the latest developments in nuclear weapons. The battle of weapons becomes a serious problem for modern society. The Indian authorities could not stay away. They were well aware that the United States was far ahead of all its competitors. You can not lag behind the Americans. The Prime Minister of India ordered his subordinates to actively develop this industry. Abdul Kalam took the case. This young, energetic kid could surprise all experts in a short time and present his offspring. It remains to conduct all necessary tests.

This special operation was classified, only the test team knew about the exercises. The group consisted of only the best soldiers and experienced specialists. Abdula had to take command of an elite unit. They knew perfectly well what a difficult task they had. The future of the entire nuclear program depends on their coordinated actions. However, the US satellites still managed to detect the installation. Brave testers will have to finish the job in a short time. The ubiquitous CIA agents do not need to know the details of this risky operation.

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