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Ip Man 4 (2018)

Ip Man 4 (2018) The population of America of the 70s knows nothing about the art of martial arts. At that time, there were no specialized schools, as there were no people who mastered the kung fu technique perfectly. To correct the situation, the immigrant from Hong Kong, the homeland of kung fu, is being solved. He decides to open a school in which students can devote themselves to fighting. In addition to active work, he distributes tutorials, where the legendary actor Bruce Lee demonstrates the philosophy of the eastern battles. This person is worshiped by everyone, because the films with his participation gather full rooms. The hero believes that he can become a better teacher, and any conflict should be solved on the fists without the use of weapons. Weapons can lead to fatal consequences, whereas for an ordinary fight, police at best will write out a fine and release hooligans to freedom. In the case of the use of firearms or cold weapons, one can get a solid imprisonment term and lose the right to bear arms.

The owner of the arms store does not support the idea of a new neighbor. In his opinion, only a weapon can save a person in a difficult situation, life-threatening, that he has been teaching his son all his life. The young man was delirious about kung fu, so all his father's conversations passed by. The guy has already read all the tutorials, perfected the actions in practice, and therefore, can rebuff any hooligans. One evening, he provoked a conflict with the bandits, intending to demonstrate the art of combat, and in return received a bullet. The father of the young man is inconsolable, the loss of his beloved and only heir has deprived his mind. He decides to take revenge - cruelly and mercilessly. The new guru, who opened the battle school, will answer for every word he says to his son. He is not going to find out the relationship on the fists, in the course will go pistols and rifles, as well as his skills in accuracy will be demonstrated by local thugs. How to get out of a difficult situation and stay alive?


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Ip Man 4 (2018)

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Ip Man 4 (2018)

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