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Iceman (2017) The events of the fascinating historical film "Iceman" take the viewer to the distant past, namely the Stone Age (Neolithic). The leader of the friendly, honoring tradition of the clan Kelab had been waging wars for its territory for a long time, and when at last he managed to drive the invaders away, he and his fellow tribesmen healed peacefully and happily along the Etstal Alps in modern Austria and Italy.

In addition to direct responsibility for the tribe, in the hands of our hero is a sacred amulet of his ancestors, which, according to ancient belief, protects the clan from various evils and misfortunes. But it is necessary for this to happen that while on a hunt with an amulet in his hands, his clan was attacked by an alien tribe. They destroyed all, not regretting anyone. What to talk about if even heavily armed warriors did not capture anyone. Returning from the hunt for the ashes of Kelab from what he saw the picture literally turned gray from grief. But having come to himself, the leader makes a decision to strictly punish everyone who is involved in the death of his clan ...

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