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Early Man (2018)

Early Man (2018) The action of the film "Early Man" begins to develop at the dawn of time, when man was not the most powerful being on the planet. This is the reign of the dinosaurs, the true lords of the earth of the prehistoric period. The primitive man tells us an unusual and amazing story about how his ancestor was able to unite his brothers and give them the hope that was so necessary for them.

Then we are transferred to several generations ago. In the center of history is Dag, a caveman who engages in hunting and gathering. Early in the morning, he wakes up his fellow tribesmen and calls them to hunt. However, suddenly, strange mechanisms appear in front of their community. They capture cavemen, and only Dagu manages to escape. It turns out that the attack and kidnapping of the tribesmen of the protagonist was provoked by Lord Nut, a powerful ruler whose people are already at the Bronze Age stage. They enslave all the stone people to use them as slaves. And now the only hope is Dag.

Admirers of comedy adventure stories we strongly recommend to watch online on the site of the cartoon "Early Man".


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Early Man (2018)

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Early Man (2018)

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