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Abe (2019) The hero of the short-length motion picture of Rob McLellan with the short name “Abe” is a robot - the most advanced machine. The actions of the narrative unfold in the future, when artificial intelligence manages to take a step far forward. Among this highly intellectual world there is one android programmed by its developers for love. The bot has turned out so humanized that it can experience emotions and wants to be attached to someone, well, receive reciprocity in return ...
Abe - this is the name of a humanoid bot, completely confused in his reasoning and thoughts. It is extremely difficult for an iron hero to accept the fact that he is a machine and not a living person. For a while the mechanical character lived in a certain family, performing various homework. This state of affairs quite suited the hero, because he felt in demand - he was loved and appreciated, he needed his services. However, it happens so that the owners of the cyborg for unknown reasons cease to love him, or so it only seemed to him. Then Abe decides to “fix” their owners by arguing: if people do not like him, it means that something inside them has broken ... Only an attempt to rectify the situation turns into complete collapse. But the program inside the electronic person does not let up and forces him to go in search of a new love.

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