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A.X.L. (2018) Miles is an ordinary teenager who likes to drive his bike in his spare time from school. Once the guy, as usual, went to ride. Suddenly, the hero heard a dog whine ... How shocking a young man, when in a scrap metal mountain, he discovered a unique robot dog, stuck in the garbage! It was A-X-L - a high-tech machine, created in a secret military laboratory. The dog, possessing a magnificent artificial intelligence, and also equipped with the latest generation of weapons, turned out to be kind as a domestic pet. A-X-L escaped from his supervisors. An unusual four-footed creature and Miles immediately became real friends, which led to the rage of Dr. Endric and the team that created the fugitive. The military intend to use the beast out of metal in their own interests. Miles and his resourceful friend Sarah decided to help a new friend. We offer to watch an online movie and see a series of adventures, in which a vigorous trio got involved.

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