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Svinhery (2018) Psychological drama, which tells about a man who was in a difficult situation, a situation that can lead him into a terrible depression, but no one to help him, and he himself must find a way out of this difficult situation. Everything was very good right away, as he had everything he needed: a friendly family, a good job, but quite unexpectedly, he became very ill, as he feels lonely. He needs to urgently solve all his problems. It has been decided: he will go to one club where people who are like him gather, since it is there that he hopes to find salvation, but he still does not suspect that it is in this institution that he will have a lot of love that will change his life beyond recognition. . He begins to understand that he likes this girl very much, but he is concerned about the constant question: what will he say to his current wife? How will the fate of this man, who decided to change it yourself? What has prepared for him this evil and incomprehensible future, which will constantly test him for strength? One thing is clear, that everything is in his own hands, and only he alone decides his future life. The film psychologically with elements of dramatic cinema. Viewing will make the viewer think and draw their own conclusions. A person who is powerless before the spell of beauty, but he must remember one simple truth: he is always responsible for his loved ones and relatives, who very much hope for him.

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