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Mistress Hunter (2018)

Mistress Hunter (2018) Jackie had a close-knit family until she had the conviction that Karl was cheating on her. Blighted Jackie called her best friends to meet and discuss everything. The heroine was tormented by a mass of questions to which she did not find an answer. The young woman wanted to know how long everything had started for her husband, how serious it was. After all, she noticed a change in relationships two weeks ago. Karl began to behave suspiciously, especially when someone called him. The man was thoughtful and detached, dumping all the problems and lack of time for employment.

He diligently avoided close contact with his wife, justifying the difficult situation at work. Jackie decided to follow him, and made sure that Karl has a lover. Friends said that the wrong spouse must be exposed. And to do this, having collected all the evidence against him, can a hunter for lovers. Hanna is a real professional, who has already helped many women in a similar situation.


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Mistress Hunter (2018)

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Mistress Hunter (2018)

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