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Pledge (2018)

Pledge (2018) The main characters have always been the closest girlfriends. They did all the work exclusively together, because their friendship was accompanied by complete trust. In their youth, they promised each other that when they become adults, they will live together, no matter what. The girls considered themselves real sisters and did not represent their lives without each other. All this would continue, if not for the economic crisis that suddenly struck the country. Many people were bankrupt, someone was on the street. More and more often people ended their lives with suicide in order to avoid all problems. Mass disturbances arose on the streets, residents began to go to rallies to end this situation. They were left without income, without a sense of existence, so they still have nothing to lose.

Families of the main characters also found themselves in a difficult situation. Girlfriends began to think more and more often of suicide. At some point, friends decided to go to the roof of an unfinished house to look at that cruel life from above. Then they vowed to commit suicide to each other, because they are real sisters. However, everything was not so simple. One girl shot herself with a pistol, and her friend was frightened and ran away. After this terrible moment many years passed and she was able to succeed. Now from an ordinary girl she turned into a wealthy woman, but the ghost of a childhood friend does not go away from her life ...


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Pledge (2018)

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Pledge (2018)

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