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Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018)

Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018) Some citizens are a special class of people. They help others so selflessly that they spend almost all their free time on good things. Sweet village Krishnapuram lives according to the laws of a provincial settlement. Here, everyone adores Hari, who must return to his homeland very soon. After all, this guy is always ready to take part in someone's fate.

Some consider him a naive simpleton, but most of the villagers are treated with great respect. After all, every man in the street has a certain amount of trouble that he cannot cope with on his own. What benefits does the altruist receive? How big is the jumble of difficulties that have to "fight"? And are there such tasks that this gentleman cannot solve in a positive way?


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Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018)

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Oru Kuttanadan Blog (2018)

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