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All About Nina (2018) Since her early childhood, Nina Geld dreamed of linking her profession with the stage. She wanted to make people laugh, give them joy, fun. The girl understood that this was a hard work, requiring great effort. Ahead of her was a difficult journey on the stage. Overcoming the trials, prepared by fate, the young lady achieved the set goal. Now she became a famous stand-up comic. Her speeches were attended by crowds of fans, millions of Americans adored her. No one could tell monologues, like this talented, gifted person. However, behind the external tranquility and a flashy happy smile hid the plight of the poor thing.

She had no luck in her personal life. She tried to build a good relationship with her beloved. The guys surrounding Nina turned out to be scoundrels. They more than once deceived the girl, leaving her with a broken heart. After another disappointment in love, the beauty collects her things and moves to Los Angeles. There she intends to go to work with her head, forgetting about the problems. At this fateful moment, Rafe appears in her destiny. He turned the head of a poor, naive beauty. She believed the gentleman, forgetting about caution. This boyfriend will forever change the life of the comedian.

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