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Rangasthalam (2018)

Rangasthalam (2018) Some citizens get frustrated, concentrating their attention on domestic trivia. But true optimists do not even care about their own health problems, which would make other inhabitants fall into a deep depression. The positive person always causes the raised appeal, therefore involuntarily to be in the center of public life. Indefatigable Chitty Babu deals with the delivery of water in a remote province. This peasant is deprived of the opportunity to hear well, but does not lose heart about his disability. He fanatically believes that there are no scoundrels on the planet who cause trouble to others. An open guy quickly converges with strangers, offering help to anyone who can need it. The brother of the sympathetic gentleman is going to arrange an insurrection on a local scale, which will allow the people to get out from under the legitimate authority usurped by a self-interested president.

A novice politician finds himself in a world where financial considerations rule. Representatives of the criminal community are trying to expand their sphere of influence, that's why they also interfere in the pre-election campaign. Bandits need to be given a worthy rebuff, for which at times one should act harshly. In the village there is a charming girl, for the location of which several fans are fighting. Who will get the sympathy of the intractable beauty? How to build an ideal society in which you can safely make plans for the future without fear of interference by evil forces? What role can a direct water carrier play in the process where the interests of important persons are affected? In case of defeat, outsiders will have to leave their native places. If the result is not even more sad. Therefore, they do not have the right to make mistakes. Too much is put at stake in order to surrender before insurmountable difficulties.


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Rangasthalam (2018)

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Rangasthalam (2018)

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