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Alex Strangelove (2018) Alex is a diligent high school student, who is studying exceptionally well, being the permanent president of the class, having many positive qualities that allow one to indisputably hope for a beautiful future. A universal favorite and on all sides a positive guy maintains a serious, romantic relationship with a charming classmate. Education within the walls of the native school is coming soon to completion and the only condition that is not fulfilled by Alex for the future graduate condition is to lose to the graduation ball of virginity, to which they and their girlfriend are gradually trying to prepare. Claire patiently awaits decisive action on the part of the timid young man, encouraged by his friends, trying to overcome the awkwardness and unjustified fear that arises in the mind of an uneasy act.

Soon, an unusual incident will radically change the old plans and outlook of the teenager, significantly affecting the further actions. At another crowded party, Alex gets acquainted with an attractive guy living in a remote urban area, possessing some inner appeal and inexplicable charm. It is well known that the attractive Eliot is weak to the stronger sex. He opens a new acquaintance with an unusual, unexplored area of sexuality and pleasure. The sensations experienced by the inexperienced student in these issues are reminiscent of roller coaster. A young man on the threshold of adult life begins to learn his own, inner world from an unexpected side, thinking seriously about his preferences when choosing a partner.

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