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Next Gen (2018)

Next Gen (2018) The world of the future. Active use of robotics. Highly intelligent machines are gradually replacing people in many areas. It's not just about industrial production, performance of tasks related to risk, work in an aggressive environment. Robots of different kinds become an integral part of everyday life. Now even a toothbrush can be made "highly intelligent", providing special functions. The only question is whether it is worth so much to get involved in the robotization of human life. At some point, serious consequences can arise. In each process it is important to stop in a timely manner, until it reaches a critical level. People did not pay much attention to this moment. The vast majority of citizens who felt the benefits of active use of machines, did not think about the likely "side effect".

Manufacturers of such devices regularly supply the population with innovative developments. They absolutely do not care about the fact that there are a lot of robots at the moment. Under certain circumstances, they are quite capable of making a riot. Once a unique schoolgirl managed to get into the enterprise for the production of unique devices. The girl witnessed the production of another robot. Something in the automated system went wrong. It turned out to be a defective product, unfit for effective use. However, the robot did not want to put up with its fate. He was able to leave the territory of the enterprise, to find the house in which the girl lived. Now the schoolgirl has a new friend, and with it a lot of surprises.


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Next Gen (2018)

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Next Gen (2018)

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