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Grace (2018)

Grace (2018) When a Spaniard virus in Hawaii took many lives, the indigenous people became afraid of strangers. And children born of mixed marriages were not loved and believed that they bring bad luck. That kid was baby Joe. His mother alone raised him, and hid him from the members of the commune. But when his mother passed away from the disease, he was left completely alone, and if it were not for Dr. Lawrence, who had come to help the people, Joe would not have found a family, because everyone called him a "half-breed" and drove him away. The kid studied medicine and helped the doctor translate the speech of the local people who applied for treatment. Growing up, Joe gained respect from the local population and dreams of becoming a doctor.

In the same place, on the island, there lived the beauty Grace. The daughter of the planter, like Joe, lost her mother very early. Blonde beauty was very different from local girls, and Joe, still a child, fell in love with her. All his thoughts are occupied by a beautiful girl who also noticed a young guy. But it so happened that Grace was married to a visiting doctor Raise in order to save the ruined plantations. He is rich, traveled a lot and has a great advantage. But Joe has a small chance to beat his opponent. Grace's wedding is just 2 weeks away.


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Grace (2018)

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Grace (2018)

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