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Angel Face (2018) The film "Angel Face" tells that many mothers instilled in many innate instincts are not present in every woman. It is believed that for the sake of her child, the mother is ready to do anything: forget about her personal life and her own interests, throw herself into the fire, meet with an angry predator. In most cases, this statement is true, but for any rule there are exceptions. Under the incomprehensible whim of nature, some women are absolutely indifferent to children. They are not touched by outstretched little hands and happy children's eyes. Marlene belongs to this category.

The woman has behind her an unsuccessful romantic connection, which left an unpleasant residue in her heart and Ellie's 8-year-old daughter. It is noteworthy, but Marlene does not correspond to the generally accepted stereotypes of single mothers. She is attractive, and knows how to use female beauty. In addition, a woman does not care much for the interests of her growing daughter, so she tries to get the maximum pleasure out of life. At a party in a nightclub, Marlene meets a man for whom he throws everything, even a child. See the film "Angel Face" and find out that the only one who reaches out to the abandoned girl is a diver named Julio.

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