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Papa (2018) Cruel and offensive phrase, pronounced by a young man in the direction of his own father, in the dramatic tape “Daddy Die,” became a parable to the unfolding tragic events in the family. The intransigence, adolescent maximalism and belief in its significance ultimately led to the fact that the young offspring, not once faced with life problems and troubles, is trying to find support from his father. But my father doesn’t have enough time or desire to listen to his son’s complaints, given that the head of the family is busy working all day, and there isn’t a single free evening for his son. Gradually, between relatives, misunderstanding and alienation are brewing, when men, being in one apartment, try to ignore the presence of another, devoting their former interests and communication less and less time. And the further the heroes ignore the situation, the greater the chance that a real tragedy can happen. Although already at the moment, at the attempts of the father, who realized the criticality of the situation, and the attempts to find commonality of views, he hears insulting and terrible words from his own son - dad, die.
And this confrontation would continue, until a truly grave tragedy happened in the life of the father, and any attempts by the man to solve this issue on their own do not give a positive result. The hero has long and unsuccessfully applied maximum efforts in order to extinguish the problem, and when he realizes that everything is useless, he turns to his loved one with the last hope, asking him for help and support, and in response he hears a painfully familiar.

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