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Mapplethorpe (2018) This controversial story about life and work is in its own way the brilliant, but still quite controversial photographer Robert, in the biographical drama “Mapplethorpe,” which gained some fame in the distant 1970s of the last century. World-wide fame came to the hero after he first laid out the nude figure of porn actor Benjamin Green, known as the performer of the main roles in adult films. Random acquaintance with Green, radically changed the fate of Robert, when he met his future model and was delighted with his youth, his beautiful body and since then, Mapplethorpe has taken a great interest in such creative direction as “homoerotism”. The photographer realized that the naked body in itself is already the height of perfection in nature, and he no longer imagined himself out of work, removing nude natures.
With each new release of the next collage of his works, Mapplethorpe won an increasing fame among admirers and fans of this trend. Although before these shots, the man had the opportunity to prove himself when he was engaged in taking pictures exclusively of world stars, both the film industry and famous musicians, which brought the hero an important assessment of his creative potential. The cultural revolution in this direction, the founder of which was the cult and recognized artist Robert Mapplethorpe, still did not turn him away from past hobbies, take photos of famous personalities, and in addition, the idol of millions, carried away by pictures of living orchids, which further added to the hero of the audience's sympathy and admiration public his skill.

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