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Supercon (2018)

Supercon (2018) The main thing in the story: Life is difficult for those people who were popular, and then suddenly lost its glory. The main characters of the picture are the former stars of television, and now just a bunch of losers. Previously, they had fame and adoration of fans, and with it decent salaries, which was enough to satisfy their small whims. But gradually new faces appeared on the screens, and the characters were left out of work. Each of them, was dismissed for his own reasons. But when they come together, they decide to show their former bosses what is real anger. They do not want to put up with the second roles, and decide to rob one television diva.
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She is a true luminary of the world TV, and has a salary corresponding to her status. Every show brings her more and more income. On this money and losers pozarilis. By their methods, they arrange for this star to be assistants. They will learn the schedule of the TV icon, as well as all the details about the fees. They plan the robbery, and the subsequent actions. Everything needs to be thought through very carefully, because they should not get caught. But what will come out of the idea to get the coveted money?


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Supercon (2018)

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Supercon (2018)

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