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Spinning Man (2018)

Spinning Man (2018) The main hero of the story told by the authors of the film "Spinning Man" is Evan Birch, a respected family man, fond of teaching. He works in one of the most outstanding educational institutions of the country and enjoys tremendous influence. His class in philosophy is considered one of the most popular in the whole university. Almost every student dreams of enrolling in the course.

The life of the protagonist begins to gradually collapse at a time when there are rumors of his inappropriate behavior towards the students. Evan's wife at first does not believe all these conversations, but then realizes that he often can not confirm his absence. The situation becomes really critical at a time when one of his students suddenly disappears. Evan does not have an alibi, and his work interests a policeman who thinks the professor is the main suspect. The issues Evan faces are not just academic, they are questions of life and death.

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Spinning Man (2018)

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Spinning Man (2018)

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