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Viy 2: Journey to China (2018) Jonathan Green is a well-known London cartographer, one of the best specialists in the world. He is a fierce lover of travel, as is confirmed in the first part of this mystical thriller. While in his house and working out a new map of England, Jonathan receives an invitation from the king for an audience. It turns out that the King of England orders Green to go to China to draw up a map of this distant Asian country. Green is beside himself with happiness, because it means a new adventure. Gathering all that is necessary, Jonathan Green goes on a long journey, which lies through already familiar places in Russia. Once again, in those parts of the country where he once nearly died after meeting with Viy, Jonathan tries to leave with some apprehension.
Arriving in China, Green begins his work, describing every road that comes his way. In one of the abandoned villages, which was on the way at Green, he notices an interesting temple. Once Jonathan comes to him, he begins to remember that Vii was not so terrible, compared to the ghosts of the dragons who live here.

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