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Most Likely to Murder (2018) Unpredictable changes in human life are sometimes simply unavoidable. Very often we are striving to achieve the goal and build big plans for life, and the events begin to develop completely not according to the scenario. The main character of the film "Most likely to be killed" by the name of Billy won great popularity in school, having received the title of the most handsome guy. He always followed fashion and loved to play sports. However, after graduation, the young man realized that the fame gained at school does not give any guarantees that adult life will develop just as successfully.

After ten years of wandering and searching for adventures, the main character finally returns to his native town. Here he is forced to start life anew, from scratch. Billy is very surprised when he finds out that a girl he likes from school still meets a former outcast. The guy can not reconcile with what is happening, not believing that the basis of this relationship is love. Disagreeing with such unexpected changes, the main character begins to suspect the former schoolgoer in a recent murder.

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