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Amateur (2018)

Amateur (2018) The main character of the film was a teenager named Terron. This fellow adores sports, but only in the chosen field basketball remains only a banal lover. It's simple, but it does not prevent a young person from developing and striving for something more, especially in basketball, he is a real ace. The main thing is not to get out of the way, get under the care of a good coach and then good luck will smile. There will be money, fame, and contracts. That's just not all so simple and perfect in this life, and nothing is impossible to get just like that. The terron will have to go through a series of difficulties, tests and only after that, perhaps, a new star in the world of sports will light up. The guy is ready to fight and overcome all obstacles.

When Terron got into the elite club, he realized that not everything is so simple and perfect. In the world of sports is very difficult. The young man does not back down. He strives for glory and success, every day trains for wear and tear. Here it becomes clear that basketball is not only in training, ups and downs. Behind all ovations, success hides greed, anger and corruption. What will Terron decide for himself? Will it continue to move along the chosen path, or will it retreat until everything has gone too far?


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Amateur (2018)

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Amateur (2018)

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