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Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)

Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018) People have always dreamed of meeting representatives of another intelligent life. The film "Atlantic Frontier 2" shows why there are dreams that are better not to come true. Especially when alien guests come from where they were not expected. Instead of flying from space, they appear from a fault formed in the ocean depth and turn out to be real monsters. And although people still defeated them, it was given more than expensive: half of the planet lies in ruins, where people are forced to survive.

Destructions caused not only by aliens, but also created by robots to fight with them, rebuild very slowly, and the robots themselves remained to rot in a special area. Getting there is difficult, but it is possible, especially since spare parts from cars can be exchanged for something much more valuable: food. That it is considered the largest deficiency on Earth after the almost-Apocalypse. There are a lot of madmen who dream to assemble their own giant robot. And there are those who almost succeed.


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Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)

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Atlantic Rim: Resurrection (2018)

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