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Hal (2018) Technologies finally allowed humanity to make long flights in space. Now it became possible to study in detail the galactic expanses. It turned out that people are not the only intelligent beings in the world. A lot of different races and peoples inhabit a huge number of planets. Some of them are quite peaceful, others on the contrary, are bellicose and constantly behave like internecine wars, as well as military operations at the level of the cosmos. The Earthlings are still occupying a defensive position. People are not at all interested in the conquest of other planets. Mankind is eagerly studying outer space, wanting to fill the gaps in knowledge. Only explorers and transport ships travel in space. Groups of scientists make scientific raids on various planets in all corners of the universe. However, due to the threat of an attack from space, well-trained troops are on the planet in constant combat readiness. Separate combat detachments also make flights into space. Their goal is to protect scientists from unexpected attacks and eliminate emerging threats from warring aliens.
 One such expedition, consisting of a group of scientists and researchers and a well-trained military detachment, failed. Near the orbit of a small planet, the on-board space transportation system reported a malfunction. The result of the forced emergency landing of the ship were large-scale damage and the death of the majority of the crew. Many people died: scientists, crew members, most of the military detachment. Only a small group of people managed to survive. In search of rescue, the survivors stumbled upon the local population. It turned out that on this planet chaos reigns because of constant internecine wars. To survive the Earthmen have to take the side of one of their aliens' groupings and start a war on their side.

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