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Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018) In the alternative reality there is an opportunity to reunite two warring states. In the future, the government of North and South Korea makes a truce. The reason for uniting the effort is a threat from outside. Unlike the government, not everyone is happy with the sudden merging of hostile states.
For many years, residents have become accustomed to their own way of life, and do not want to make changes. Suddenly, protesters appear, threatening the authorities to remove them from the throne. After the suppression of the insurrection by the police, the violators of the law withdraw, however they carry with them the next troubles. It turns out that when they go underground, Protestants unite into terrorist groups.
To solve the problem, the leaders of countries create a special unit to combat terrorism. To solve the conflict, highly developed mechanical teams, whose name is called the "Wolf Brigade", are called together. Specially trained fighters can conduct combat operations in conditions of high danger. However, the terrorists do not intend to retreat, resulting in a civil war. One of the fighters of the group learns about the true intentions of officials, and is forced to make a choice between duty and human conscience.

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