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Prospect (2018) The period of new colonization in the history of human civilization takes place in the cosmos, where our distant descendants meet in a fierce battle for the right to possess unique natural resources scattered in the unknown corners of the galaxy.

In the distant future, the planet Earth is a nuclear test site, unsuitable for life and development. Therefore, the earth colonists travel to the lost worlds, hoping to find a new home here and at the same time to explore the local flora in order to profit by natural riches.

Ezra and Ki, an enterprising father and fearless teenage daughter, are just such space travelers who left the house for the sake of galactic adventures and unearthly treasures. Their spacecraft landed on one of the little explored lunas, where the family hopes to find unique, expensive, if not to say priceless, components of the alien flora.

As often happens in apocalyptic and futuristic times, the main danger is not the hostile environment, but people - greedy, embittered and ready to tear at the teeth of a competitor, claiming a favorite piece of treasure. Once on the surface of an unexplored planet, relatives find themselves in a nightmarish forest where they can not remove a spacesuit, and face the aggression of fellow tribesmen who came here earlier and were distraught under the influence of poisonous fumes. Instead of mining, the main task of the pope with his daughter is to save and escape from the planet of monsters.

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