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Incoming (2018)

Incoming (2018) In the film "Incoming" tells about the future. And it does not look very attractive: crime has grown so much that in prisons there are not enough places to keep everyone who needs to serve a sentence.

At a secret meeting of the highest officials of different countries, it was decided to use the space station for this, leaving the project in secret, with a narrow circle of people, who will have access to relevant information.

The criminals trapped in outer space were terrified. All these mafiosi, rapists, murderers remained literally one on one with outer space, not knowing what to do now. But in the end, several of them have a plan - you need to capture the ISS and send it to Moscow. And the militants are doing pretty well, because there are only two people on board who could stop them - a young doctor and a pilot.

There is also a mysterious CIA agent who wants to use the space station with criminals for his own purposes. In the meantime, they fly to Earth and are ready to destroy people.


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Incoming (2018)

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Incoming (2018)

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