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The Ranger (2018)

The Ranger (2018) The focus of the multi-series film is Zirkon. He belongs to the representatives of evil and cunning people. The hero has created a cunning plan, to the implementation of which he exerts a lot of effort and time. He dreams of becoming the owner of an ancient artifact, which is called the crystal of the Spirit. This subject is endowed with a huge and powerful force, namely the Ninja Throwing Force. If he can get this artifact, he can conquer the whole world.

In order to successfully achieve the goal, Zircon creates a talk show. On it gathered representatives of the monsters of the entire universe. They have to participate in the brutal and bloody battles to get the champion title. None of the participants in the talk show even guess what is actually involved in the battles. The one who will be the winner, will have a difficult task. He will need to go to the planet Earth, where to start looking for an ancient artifact.

To prevent the crystal from getting a crippled criminal, the brave and resolute rangers of the ninja are protecting him. They are ready to make every effort to defeat the terrible monsters and disrupt the implementation of Zirkon's plan. This hero was so confident in the victory of his monsters that the talk show spends on Earth, planning to show the unique cadres of defeat to young rangers. Who will manage to win a victory in such a difficult struggle? What kind of tests did fate prepare for the heroes, and will they manage to cope with them?


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The Ranger (2018)

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The Ranger (2018)

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