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Sky Sharks (2018)

Sky Sharks (2018) Ah, these geologists! And that he does not sit at home. A group of scientists accidentally find a laboratory. Having become acquainted with her closer, the scientists froze with horror. Before them stood in memory the crazy Nazis, dreaming to conquer the world. What they found in the fascist laboratory will make any normal person shudder. After reading the notes of psychopaths who created monsters there, they decided that they were in the Great Patriotic War. Before them arose terrible experiments that fascists conducted not only on people, but also on animals. Geologists woke the sleeping monsters and now not only they, but the whole world is in danger. Evil is at liberty and it's reasonable, like people and bloodthirsty.

These creatures are naturally endowed with power and cruelty, but the Nazi experiments made them beings from another world. And these are sharks! But here there is a small omission. They not only swim, they think, but they also fly, and most importantly they do not spare anyone. They have no feeling of pity. Sharks tear to pieces everything that moves, but they are controlled by the main evil. This is a monster that was created by crazy Nazi psychopaths and he is infinitely strong and dangerous. What should geologists do in this situation? How to stop the evil that they released to freedom? Will they be able to destroy the treacherous monster? And will they return home?


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Sky Sharks (2018)

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Sky Sharks (2018)

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