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The Dark (2018) Jake was born in Japan. However, he was soon destined to become a vengeful Dark. The thing is that in front of the boy the bandits killed his mother, who was engaged in prostitution. A few years later, the young man was on a slippery slope of crime and eventually ended up in jail. And Interpol has a new task. A person is needed who can stir up the "wasp nest" associated with the Yakuza itself.
It turns out they sell people into slavery. And an Interpol agent kidnapped a daughter. It is at this moment that Jake, the brutal rogue, is remembered. He is pulled out of prison and asked to infiltrate the very heart of the Yakuza. At first, he refused to perform this task, but when he learned that the bandits were connected with the murder of her mother, he decided to act immediately.

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