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The Outsider (2018)

The Outsider (2018) The events of the crime drama "The Outsider" begin to unfold in Japan immediately after the end of World War II. In the center of the story is Nick, an American prisoner of war who, for unknown reasons, was imprisoned. While in captivity, he saves the lives of Keesha, a member of the yakuza. As a gratitude, he suggests that he become a member of the group. Nick gives his consent without any hesitation and begins his ascent.

Soon Nick begins to learn. He learns to fight like a real warrior, is trained in the craft of possession of firearms and knives. And all this happens under the care of an aging boss who takes him as his own son. Despite the fact that many representatives of the yakuza do not accept it because of foreign origin, the head of the gang is sure that he can easily become one of the influential authorities of the Japanese criminal world. And while Nick tries to win respect, he finds love, provoking interest in Sister Keesha.

We strongly recommend to the online viewing the film "The Outsider" to all viewers who prefer action-dramatic crime dramas.


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The Outsider (2018)

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The Outsider (2018)

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