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Mind Game (2004) How many mortals are given the opportunity to rewrite an unsuccessful page of life? How many are given a chance to return to the past and act differently in situations for which then painfully embarrassing? Young author of the manga Nishi such an opportunity was provided. When a couple of crazy yakuza entered the family restaurant of his beloved Mion, demanding old debts, in a very Tarantino scene the guy dies with a pathetic, humiliating death that cut short his ignominious existence of a loser and a windbag. But Nishi, who ascended to heaven, managed to convince the Lord to allow him to relive his last moments. Returning back a new man and vowing to radically change his former life, Nishi beat off a girlfriend from the bandits, and together with her and her sister they set out on a surreal journey to meet the great challenges.

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