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The Quake (2018)

The Quake (2018) More than a hundred years ago in Oslo, tremors were observed equal to 5, 4 points. Then, in the Norwegian capital city buildings were thoroughly damaged. Lucky people. Virtually no one was injured from the townspeople. The earthquake observed in 1904 was a warning not only for the Norwegians. Increased seismic activity in certain regions of the globe can lead to disastrous consequences. Mankind has not yet invented a reliable way to combat these phenomena. The only way out is the timely evacuation of the population from the most dangerous areas. The jolts of varying strength, regularly observed in Oslo and its surroundings, are a cause for serious thought.

Analysis of the results of recent studies leaves little cause for optimism. Quite real is the new earthquake in Norway. None of the world-famous specialists undertakes to predict the scale of the consequences. People are not armed with reliable means of resisting earthquakes. However, it is possible to minimize their consequences. In particular, it is necessary to think thoroughly about the most likely reasons that provoked increased seismic activity on the planet. It is not only about the natural processes occurring on the globe, but also about the consequences of the active human economic activity.


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The Quake (2018)

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The Quake (2018)

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