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The Prey (2019) The constant presence of American soldiers in the Middle East is justified. The extraction of carbohydrates in the devastated powers involved influential structures from various political circles. At the autonomous base, the Marines lead a measured existence, being subjected to periodic attacks by the Mujahideen. Frequent attacks of the avant-garde are associated with the turbulent activity of emissaries. The next trip ended very badly. Until dark, the helicopters failed to retrieve scouts from the danger zone. The soldiers managed to find a crevice among the rocks to spend the night safely. Inside the cave of the gallant cats, there was an unpleasant surprise. A giant carnivorous creature settled in a lair. A massive monster with huge claws attacks treacherously at the sentry. All participants of the patrol squad are in danger. Burning eyes in pitch darkness give an unidentified entity. The vile creature, protecting its home from the invasion of armed liberators, finds a moment for a surprise attack. The thick shell protects the tender flesh of the strange beast from lead bullets. In a limited space, the fight lasts a certain period without a clear advantage. Experienced reconnaissance saboteurs are seeking to protect themselves from the bloodthirsty beast with traps and flares. An uncompromising duel becomes a very dramatic phenomenon when soldiers are killed.

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