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2.0 (2018)

2.0 (2018) Mankind has long tried to create a robot that would look like a human being. However, all these attempts failed miserably. It would seem that it is impossible to create a robot that would not only have a human appearance, but also real feelings, emotions, and also the mind. But in fact it was not quite so, because there was such a brilliant scientist who managed to realize this idea. His name is Vassiagaran, and he created the robot, like two drops of water resembling a human. He possessed not only human feelings and emotions, but he could also really think and speak. At the time of creation, the protagonist was confident that his creation would completely obey, but not everything is so simple. The robot refused to obey his will, because he has enough for this reason.

Once this robot was partially destroyed, but Vasigaran did not lose heart. He again and again began to work on his restoration, hoping that his likeness this time will be more accommodating. The protagonist challenges the winged creature, which threatens the security of all mankind. That's why the scientist in a hurry began to restore his creation in order to deal a double blow to the bloodthirsty creature. Will Vassiagaran and his likeness destroy the monster and bring peace to the world?


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2.0 (2018)

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2.0 (2018)

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