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Survivors Guide to Prison (2018)

Survivors Guide to Prison (2018) The story of the documentary "Guide to Survival in Prison" begins with the story of Reggie Cole and Bruce Lisker, people who were behind bars because of indirect suspicions of committing murder. Both went to jail in the strict regime regime, which contains the most dangerous elements of American society. However, after some time it turned out that they did not commit this crime. Despite the fact that justice was restored, both received serious psychological and physical trauma. This event has become one of the most discussed in the whole country.

The media and ordinary citizens, realizing that any innocent person may be behind bars, began to study in detail the justice system. However, some decided to understand how to survive in an American prison. We have to learn a lot of answers related to this problem. Their experience will share former prisoners, movie stars, musicians and public figures. They will tell us about what there are ways to resolve conflicts, how to behave with guards and other prisoners.

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Survivors Guide to Prison (2018)

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Survivors Guide to Prison (2018)

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