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Sabrina (2018)

Sabrina (2018) Once in a normal ordinary family there is a misfortune. In a car accident dying beloved daughter. The inconsolable parents do not find the strength to save the marriage, they diverge. Everything reminds of an irretrievable loss, including the once beloved loved one and the house in which native people were happy, where children's laughter sounded. Time passes, a woman who lost her only daughter marries again. The new chosen one is the owner of the doll factory. The company is small, but steadily developing due to the work of professional craftsmen who create interesting toys. These include the newly spouse. Over time, the thought comes to him to create a doll that will exactly copy the favorite toy of the deceased girl, the daughter of his wife from his first marriage.

A man embodies the idea, but this act becomes fatal in the life of the newlyweds. From this point on, their reality takes on the features of an incessant nightmare. A couple permanently terrorized by an unknown dark force hidden in a puppet guise is forced to live in inescapable fear. It is necessary to get rid of the source of the destructive evil, but its power is stronger than human power over the seemingly inanimate object.


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Sabrina (2018)

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Sabrina (2018)

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