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After Everything (2018)

After Everything (2018) In 1944, France is already preparing to throw off the yoke of the Nazi invaders. The emergence of allies in the occupied territories is inevitable, so many residents start to think about the possibility of surviving in the outlined meat grinder. Julien Dandyou, surgeon from the hospital in Montauban, comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​saving his wife and daughter: he sends them to his family castle. While he will perform the medical duty and operate both members of the Resistance and collaborators, his relatives will be in relative safety.

But all the doctor's hopes crumble in an instant. When he comes to a small homeland to visit his relatives, his mind is shaken by pictures of horrific atrocities: in a small church lie the corpses of parishioners in the blood of blood, the battered body of the daughter is bullet-riddled, and the beloved spouse is killed in the flamethrower flame. The man's mind is racked with grief, but he finds the strength to accept the bitter truth: his family nest was destroyed by a horde of SS men who captured his house. But the doctor is not going to resign himself. He takes in his hands the grandfather's gun and decisively destroys the pillars of the bridge that leads to the castle. Now the enraged avenger is going to kill all the Hitlerites who fell into the trap ...


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After Everything (2018)

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After Everything (2018)

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