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The Other Side of the Wind (2018) Many of the journalists attending the party are all brandishing cameras, among many invasive questions, eventually begin querying Hannaford's sexuality and whether he has long been a closet homosexual, in spite of his macho public persona. Hannaford has a history of seducing the wife or girlfriend of each of his leading men, but maintains a strong attraction to the leading men themselves.

Several party guests comment on the conspicuous absence of John Dale, Hannaford's androgynous-looking, leather-clad leading man in his last film, whom Hannaford first discovered when Dale was attempting suicide by jumping into the Pacific Ocean off the Mexican coast. Meanwhile, guests are shown more scenes from the film in the at the ranch's private cinema.

As the party continues, Hannaford gets progressively drunker. He is washing his face in the bathroom when he tearfully breaks down in front of Otterlake, asking for the young director's help to revive his flagging career, and desperately trying to sober up before returning to the screening of his unfinished film. A power outage in the middle of Hannaford's party interrupts the screening mid-way. The party continues by lantern-light, and eventually reconvenes to an empty drive-in cinema, where the last portion of Hannaford's film is screened. At this point, Dale arrives at the party. A drunken Hannaford makes a pass at Dale, and is rebuffed.

Intrusive journalist Juliette Riche asked Hannaford the most explicit questions of all about his sexuality. At this moment, Billy Boyle stops the film cameras as Hannaford violently assaults Riche in anger. Hannaford gets in his car and drives away crashing into the screen of the drive-in cinema, killing him.

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