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Cover Versions (2018) In the center of the story is a young group of rock artists. Soon, there should be a serious festival, where a group of heroes, must speak to a huge audience. Of course, before they had already performed, but until this moment, their entire game was for a small and rare audience. We can say that this festival is for children as an exam, before entering the world of professional pop music. Of course, they are obliged to invest in this business, all their strength, but first, the guys should remove all the tension. And the best way to relax is a party that rumbles to the full. Of course, it is their profession to be exemplary revelers. So this night, there will be a lot of music, alcohol, drugs and screams. That's just, despite all the fun, the morning will not be the best, although perhaps the worst for many. As it turned out, in the morning, in the pool discovered the corpse of a young girl, one of those who participated in the party. Of course, the police began to question, each of the possible witnesses and suspects. Ahead of the cops waiting for a large series of stories about the party, and each of them, will lead their own narrative, markedly different from the rest. The task is not easy and apparently does not allow going to the festival.

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