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Relentless (2018)

Relentless (2018) Civil war ravages El Salvador. Mountains of corpses, destroyed farm enterprises and complete doom - such a scenario unfolds in a once prosperous region. Gradually, the remnants of the population overcome military hardships. The revival of lands is associated with the flourishing of the underground industry. The American will have to learn how "Ruthless" arbitrariness prevails in the damned territories. Volunteer work turns a young girl into a wicked land. The attack of local militants ends with the captivity of a foreign woman and her friends in misfortune. Terrible news hurts the heart of the troubled mother.

A reckless woman is striving in an unfamiliar area to free her own blood. Visiting the embassy, the tourist realizes that there is no need to expect diplomatic support. The authorities do not interfere in the dark markets of the region, they are shielded from provocative investigations. A lonely warrior for saving an American citizen is associated with a dangerous businessman. The founder of the nightclub network, the owner of the dens and the organizer of drug trafficking, agrees to hold the applicant to the captive. The intriguer does not guarantee the safety of the companion and warns of possible deadly consequences of the undertaking. The female heart, guided by the maternal instinct, will not stop before the obstacles.


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Relentless (2018)

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Relentless (2018)

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