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Re loca (2018)

Re loca (2018) The film "Re loca" tells that most people become hostages to the opinions of others, obeying someone else's, often erroneous opinion. Most of the representatives of humanity are shy of self-expression, and live, not standing out from the gray mass of society. Become a "black sheep", which has its own opinion, ambitions and desires do not want anybody. Such inertia is explained by the fact that people do not tolerate bright personalities, considering them upstarts. Therefore, any difference from the overwhelming majority is instantly punished by condemnation, bordering on ridicule. It is in this situation that Pilar is a pretty person with almost unlimited patience.

The girl always swims with the flow, compelled to obey the circumstances. She is ready to respond to the request of selfish relatives, even if it acts at the expense of one's own interests. Pilar can not refuse a request to his superiors, which is constantly and unabashedly enjoyed by her immediate supervisor. The girl has to put up with the phlegmatic and spineless men who are trying to assert themselves at her expense. Watch the movie "Crazy" and find out that Pilar's patience sometimes bursts, and she begins to tell the people around the truth in her eyes, doing as she pleases.


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Re loca (2018)

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Re loca (2018)

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