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Frat Pack (2018)

Frat Pack (2018) Elliot was never distinguished by the riot of spirit and did not commit rash acts. He was a college graduate, he could not even find his friends for all the years of his studies among students. A modest and very shy guy does not go on dates and always sticks out in the library. A real boring botanist. He had already accepted the fact that his life is nothing interesting ever happens when his mother sends the invitation to the wedding. She marries a very decent person and is waiting for her son to attend the ceremony.

In addition, he learns that now he has just four half-brothers. Elliot is going on the road, although he does not want to get acquainted with new relatives. God knows who there picked up on the other end of America his crazy mother. Having reached the necessary point, he finds himself in the company of the brothers. they are not at all like those he has already imagined. With them you can not talk about science or books. They have completely different interests and they try to teach them a new member of the family. Elliott for the first time trying marijuana, drunk as a pig, and wakes up in bed with a transsexual. Too many new experiences from all of the experience threatens a nervous breakdown, but bratishki always there and know a way to cheer up botany!


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Frat Pack (2018)

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Frat Pack (2018)

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