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Mirage (2018)

Mirage (2018) Vera Durant is a very happy woman. She was lucky to meet a beautiful man, to whom she had fallen hopelessly in love. Soon they had a baby. Everything went great, until one day the young mother was in an emergency situation. An unknown boy in the vicinity of her needed emergency help. Durant literally saved his life, for which he seriously paid. After waking up in the morning, she found herself moving into a parallel reality. Here, the beloved is completely ignorant of her, and so the daughter is absent. Completely disoriented and deprived of family, she did not immediately understand how to proceed.

Having admitted in the beginning a lot of mistakes, Vera became uncontrollable to move around different worlds. Gradually, she finally became entangled in her mirages, and only the case helped to reveal a clue, suggesting how to stop it and return the old life. It was only necessary to sacrifice another person to restore the balance. But how to force myself to go for this? Did she have the right to decide who should die for her happiness? These reflections tormented her and raised doubts, forcing him to procrastinate. Meanwhile, the opportunities to return with each passing day became less and less.


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Mirage (2018)

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Mirage (2018)

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