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Jimmy Jones (2018)

Jimmy Jones (2018) Eton Jones is the central character of an interesting film. He is already an old man, working in school. There he has to train sixth graders every day. His life is like a bachelor. It does not look like the life of an old man. In life, the hero yearns to achieve very much.

One day, this opportunity seems to him. So it turns out that in the school where a man works, they make a competition. The main prize - the school will begin to bear the name of the winner. Many people would like to win in this contest, because the race will be quite serious, but interesting.

The problem is only in one condition. So it turns out that the winner must be dead. How now to achieve fame? The central character of the film will think over that thought. Can he achieve what he wants? We learn about everything when watching an interesting film online.


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Jimmy Jones (2018)

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Jimmy Jones (2018)

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