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The Meg (2018) The plot tells about the former elite pilot of the deep-sea vehicles of the US Navy, and nowadays the rescue rescuer Jonas Taylor (Jason Steytham), who is approached by the Chinese oceanographer with the request to come to the rescue of the trapped scientists. The fact that the underwater research expedition was attacked by a giant prehistoric shark - Megalodon, which was considered extinct many hundreds of years ago. Now Taylor, in spite of the persuasions of his daughter Suiyin, will have to save the scientists stuck in the depths of the Pacific Ocean and face the greatest predator of all time, overcoming his own fear and risking his life. But very few people know that before Jonas was already faced with a terrible 75-meter shark.

"MEG" is an American fantasy horror thriller directed by John Turteltaub ("Treasure of the Nation"), based on the best seller of Steve Alten. In caste also appear Lee Bingbin, Jessica McNamie, Cliff Curtis, Rain Wilson, Robert Taylor and Ruby Rose.

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