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Blackbird (2018) Biographical drama is also an excursion into the cultural foundations of the Leningrad youth of the 80's. The film "Summer" concentrates not only on the ascent of Victor Tsoi to the heights of success, but also on the behavior of his peers and idols of entire generations. Do not believe everything you see on the screen. In the sense that the creators do not deny: part of the narration is not based on the life of the singer, but on the banal fiction of the writers. However, the viewer will not tire of reminding about this until the very end. In particular, the film examines the relationship between Tsoi and Mike Naumenko, drawing the viewer's attention to Victor's light romance with Mike's wife. While the first is trying to become famous, the second successfully collects stadiums and enjoys the love of hundreds of thousands of fans. Equally feeling the music, they quickly become friends, and Naumenko takes patronage over Tsoi and teaches him many wisdoms of pop life, and also helps to transform the uncut diamond songs into real jewels. A threat looms over their friendship when Mike's wife Natalia has a liking for her husband's new friend. What is it - a surreal plot or a demonstration of a real historical fact?

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